Fairy Lights

About the Company

Chiqui Rodriguez Inc. (CRI) is a company focused on art, technology, and science-based solutions to improve personal development and well-being,  leading to productivity. The company which the artist built hopes to be a positive energy in the communities it serves by supporting worthwhile causes and art advocacy.

In addition to paintings, it offers other collectible products like decorative arts, jewelry,
photographs, among others for her audience to appreciate.  It also presents a bespoke marketplace dedicated to its audience to cultivate their creative minds to ignite community development.  Chiqui Rodriguez Inc. is headquartered in the Philippines and operates globally.

Our vision as an organization is to be an inspiration and a growth catalyst for communities through art.  Inspired by hope, love, and vibrant living, we aim that this platform will be a zephyr that connects people from all walks of life to achieve inclusive progress for all.