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Managing Remote Teams

Advisory service on managing remote or work-from-home teams

  • 30 min
  • Chat, Video or Telephone Conferencing, Email

Paglalarawan sa Serbisyo

The team of Chiqui Rodriguez offers assistance for companies migrating to the remote work or "work-from-home" structure. While we experience economic disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that private and public institutions think long-term and create better decisions for the future of their organizations, their employees, and their customers. One of the many solutions available is for organizations to transition to remote work or "work-from-home" operations. However, to those companies that will be its first time to migrate to this kind of set-up feels like sailing on rough waters. Working with Chiqui Rodriguez and her team of experts from the corporate and academic fields offer actionable ideas that are easy, practical, and deliver results.  The team offers assistance for organizations on how to transition smoothly for remote work, what to include in the work guidelines, how to effectively monitor performance, and evaluation tools that are practical and efficient. With our unique service model approach, you will be able to select a specific service related to your needs. Chiqui Rodriguez is an alumna of the University of the Philippines and Asian Institute of Management, and a former executive from two of the world's Fortune 100 companies, Chiqui already helped profit and non-profit organizations in developing countries in the fields of brand communication, business intelligence, & business solutions. Brand Strategy Customer Engagement & Ecommerce Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Growth Marketing Strategy Influence Social Media Technology Partnerships Let us help you achieve your bottom line and take care of your employees' welfare, creatively. However, in case you are looking at medium to long-term consultation, either way, book a schedule now to know more. To request for a CV or a quote, email us at

Patakaran sa Pagkansela

POLICY FOR PAID SERVICES One time Consulting or Subscription: If you cancel your paid consulting or subscription fee for a one-time session 48 hours before the session or subscription starts, Chiqui Rodriguez will offer you a complete refund in 7 business days. For avoidance doubt, once you decided to start and have completed a session with your payment, you are not eligible for a refund.  However, if you’re taking the service through your company or organization similarly, refunds and cancellations will also be governed by the terms of that contract between your organization and Chiqui Rodriguez.​ For a month-to-month subscription, please refer to the User Agreement.

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